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CHICANO/A ART > 1st of 4 in "Progress Suite" ltd. ed. signed lithograph by LUIS JIMENEZ (1940-2006)
1st of  4 in "Progress Suite" ltd. ed. signed lithograph by LUIS JIMENEZ (1940-2006)

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Signed lithograph by LUIS JIMENEZ (1940-2006)

El Paso, Texas

Limited edition lithograph (IX)


Frame:  41 1/2" x 29"
Image:  36" x 23 1/4"

Jimenez created this in 1976 as 1 of 4 pieces in what he called his “Progress Suite.”  It is a socio-cultural depiction of the advancement of travel… from the horse to the buggy, to the locomotive and the automobile.  The four pieces, when viewed side by side from left to right, spell the word “Progress” in the clouds.  This particular piece is #1 in the series and, if you look carefully, you can see the “P” and the “R” in the clouds.  Lithograph is in excellent condition.  It is custom framed under plexiglass.   Displays beautifully... bold, striking imagery.  Signed and dated 1976.

Jimenez was a Mexican-American sculptor born in El Paso, Texas.  He studied art and architecture at the University of Texas in Austin and El Paso, earning a bachelor's degree in 1964. He became an accomplished artist and taught art at the University of Arizona and later the University of Houston. Jiménez was known for his large polychromed fiberglass sculptures usually of Southwestern or Latino themes. His works were often controversial and recognizable because of their themes and the bright, colorful undulating surfaces that Jiménez used. In 1998 he received a Distinguished Alumni award from the University of Texas in recognition of his artwork.  His work is exhibited in various museums including Albuquerque Museum of Art,  Long Beach Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum,  El Paso Museum of Art and many others.  Jimenez died in his studio on June 13, 2006 when a large section of his Blue Mustang sculpture, intended for the Denver International Airport, fell on him and severed an artery in his leg. 

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